adam recently appeared in the New York premiere reading of for tonight at the new york musical theatre festival (nymf). the production was so well received, that it became the first reading EVER to be asked to extend. go inside the studio in this video of the demo recording of the act 1 finale, "home."


Press / Reviews


AIDA - Hillbarn Theatre 2008

"Barry brings an authenticity to his role, not easy to do when he must first show strength as commander of the Egyptian army, then allow his vulnerable side to step forward..." -Joanne Engelhardt,

RENT - City Lights Theatre Co. 2010

"Barry's performance in drag wearing humongous platform shoes was extremely visceral and compelling." - David John Chavez,

"But the shining star of the evening is the heart-breaking transvestite drummer Angel (Adam Barry). His character is by far the most memorable of the production.  Barry is outstanding in his ability to project Angel’s bottomless pit of love for all who surround him.  Barry’s performance is clearly the most sensational of the night. His Angel is campy, sexy, loving and full of life, even when he is dying of AIDS." -Patricia Reardon, Stark Insider

"They all look up to Angel (the magnetic Adam Barry), the drag queen diva with a heart of gold...Barry is particularly powerful as Angel, the streetwise transvestite whose adventures are the heart of the show.RENT He delivers a wonderfully snappy "Today 4 U" and generates real sparks in Angel's lovey-dovey scenes with Tom Collins." -Karen D'Souza, San Jose Mercury News

"...the role requires a certain amount of outlandishness, without ever losing sight of the compassion and selflessness at the character’s core. Angel is perhaps the only one of the characters truly in touch with her humanity, yet she also has to be something a little more than human. The musical’s symbolism and thematic weight all center around her; it is, to be sure, a challenge. Luckily, Adam Barry is simply incredible in the part." -Steve Palopoli,

Becoming Britney - Center REP 2010

"Sharp dancer Adam Barry delivers a smooth Mr. Hobojangles turn to Bell's Shirley Temple-ish child Becoming BritneyBritney." -Robert Hurwitt, SF Gate

"Adam Barry (Man 1) is featured throughout and his ease around the choreography was instantly noticeable. His tenor vocals were a fantastic addition when the musical arrangements, by Matt Hohensee, added harmonies in several of the songs." -Spencer Williams, The Broadway Critic

Xanadu - The Retro Dome 2011

"Sarah Aili and Adam Theodore Barry have excellent voices and do great justice to the pop-rock score..." -Kedar K. Adour Reviews

"...Adam Theodore Barry as Sonny Malone, the lead character that the muses have come to inspire. He is funny, charming and has a good voice. And more than that, his sex appeal rivals Cheyenne Jackson, who originated the role on Broadway." -Kevin Thomas,

"Talented but broke artist Sonny, perfectly cast in good-looking Adam Barry, is in despair and wants to end it all." -Cari Pace Reviews

"Adam Theodore Barry is addictively hunky and a creative force on wheels, too (it's the thighs), and does fine justice to Sonny Malone. The character was written to be somewhat of a space cadet, but, like Aili, Barry generates a kind of infectious charm you don't see that often in musical theater. Vocally, he is a polished performer able to captivate." -Greg Archer, Good Times Santa CruzXanadu

"The role of Sonny Malone in the stage version takes on a new self-aware life. In the hands and voice of the charming and gifted Adam Theodore Barry, we get to laugh at the silliness of the role as well as enjoy a performance that is unfettered by rules or even (occasionally) modesty - the character, not the actor - playing to great effect throughout." -Mike Ward, SF Bay Times

"Sarah Aili and Adam Theodore Barry make a wonderful team as Kira and Sonny...despite Barry pulling off the dimwitted Sonny with flair and fun, you'll find yourself wondering what he does to get his legs so shapely and perfect (he was fantastic though, really!)." -Melissa McKenzie, The Santa Clara Weekly

"The very funny Barry (who was amazing as Angel in City Lights' production of "Rent," a role which I nominated him for a Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle award) is a very serviceable vocalist and has great control of his body. His Sonny was extremely viral and brought forth a very nice command of space." -David John Chavez,

Secret Garden - TheatreWorks 2011

"Adam Theodore Barry (Fakir) struck the right The Secret Gardentone, leading the production forward." -Ashley Webb, Stark Insider

"Adam Theodore Barry's Fakir is an often present spirit called upon in a physically demanding role which Barry negotiates with apparent ease and grace, his character carefully inspiring Mary, and at times guiding her actions. His vocals are particularly nice as well in the opening dream sequence." -Ande Jacobson, A Good Reed Review

Becoming Britney - The Retro Dome 2012

"Adam Barry delivers soulful dance moves and a cutthroat attitude as Britney’s manager..." -Jen Nowell,

"Barry's vocals and physical prowess are sexy, endearing and captivating - he also charmed as Sonny inBecoming Britney Retro Dome's 'Xanadu.'" -Greg Archer, Good Times Santa Cruz

"Barry, who was last seen as Sonny Malone in Xanadu and praised not only for his acting abilities, but his perfectly sculpted, jealousy-inducing legs, plays a myriad of characters and successfully pulls off each one; from Man 1, the pill-popping figment of Brit's imagination to her Shake Weight-using manager." -Melissa McKenzie, The Santa Clara Weekly

"Barry proves he is not just the resident hottie, he also shows he has great pipes..." -Kevin Thomas,

A Chorus Line - Cabrillo Stage 2012

"Adam Theodore Barry sets a high standard early on as Mike, in his fresh, knockabout number, 'I Can Do That.'" - Lisa Jensen, Good Times Santa Cruz